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Terms and conditions of Auction

The standard MBW Art terms and conditions apply to the Auction Terms stated as follows:


1   All artwork on auction is sold  voetstoots. 

2  All artwork sold is stretch-framed and to be collected from MBW Art gallery or its designated pickup point.

Artwork supplied internationally is on rolled canvas.

Shipping costs are excluded and quoted for, if requested on the bid form.   

3   Bids received after the auction date are excluded from the auction

4   All bids are presented in SA Rand currency 

5   The winning bidder is notified within 48 hours after the auction close date.

Full payment is to be paid within 48 hours after receipt of an invoice.

Proof of payment is sent to

6   The bidder may have specific requirements regarding the artwork, this to be detailed and included in the Bid Form.

7   The bidding process allows for each bidder to tender up to 3 bids per artwork on auction at a price that is equal or greater than the            reserve price for the artwork on auction.

The bidder who submits the highest value wins the auctioned artwork. In the case of a tie, the earliest bid wins.

8     Payment can be made either via EFT or by credit card, the latter via arrangement with MBW Art.

9   No refunds are given for artwork bought at the auction.

10 Regarding a quality related query, the bidder is to notify MBW Art within 48 hours of receiving the artwork, detailing  any defect or non-conformance. The bidder must provide quality images supporting their claim, depicting the defect/non-conformance. MBW Art will deliberate and determine if the artwork needs to be replaced, if so, the bidder is responsible for all costs of returning the defective artwork to MBW Art, the replacement is provided ex-gallery to the bidder.

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