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The MBW Art way

-  Mike B Woolfson - 

MBW Art opened its first gallery in 2010 with the intention to fill a vacuum created between the mass-market artwork manufacturers and the fine art galleries, giving the art lover an opportunity to purchase exclusive artwork at an affordable price.

Our family of artists are skilled in their genre and collectively cover a wide spectrum of art.

Why is our printed artwork on canvas different from other galleries? 

MBW Art gallery provide its uniquely own collection of art that can be a :


Each variant is a unique once-off print having its own embellishment making it an original and a certificate of  authenticity.



Artwork is replicated in limited numbers ensuring exclusivity.



Most of the artwork in our gallery may be manipulated and tweaked to suit your requirement and new projects are 

undertaken infused with great creative and imaginative flair

The canvas is 100% cotton, has a heavy weighting and is of the finest quality, the inks are museum (archival) grade and the wood used for the stretch frame is specially profiled...all of these factors are puzzled together delivering a quality piece of art.

SERVICES include;
- Picture framing
- Printing and stretching customer supplied artwork on the finest grade of canvas
- Art restoration


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