Life is a carousel!

The hum drum of life is very cyclic, we are exposed at all levels, to a very mundane and 'groundhogs day' existence. The fancy flash of materialism might provide some justification and comfort, but at the end of it all are a slave to the machine!

The fantasy of believing you are free is mythical, the subliminal conditioning and brain washing that your senses are perpetually tuned in and exposed to, results in every 'decision' you take is one that has already been made for you and answers are magically or coincidentally presented before you! 

Its time to unbolt yourself from the carousel, put on your striped super hero suit and be free!

See this fuzzy and fascinating artwork at an MBW Art gallery, entitled 'Carousel" it is sized at 1800 x 900 mm printed in ink on canvas and limited to only 50 unique variants

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