Poachers to be de-horned

I returned to the Pilanesburg game reserve recently.

Each and every time I go into the park, it always delivers a gem of a sighting!

On this occasion we witnessed a rhino mom coaching her youngster how

to be brave and approach the mighty African tortoise.

It was a comedy of a giant toddler mock charging and circling this poor nervous little fellow who decided it best to stay indoors while the rhino is at play!

This amazing scenario of 'tortoise discovery' was frozen and captured onto canvas and is now available from our galleries, aptly called 'Tortoise time'

The shocker was sent to me via an e-mail that a mother and calf were brutally murdered by poachers a few days after my visit to the park. The sound of a ranger vehicle scared the poachers and they left the rhinos intact. This led me to wonder whether it was the rhino's that I saw, that were senselessly slaughtered?

Having read the article below, it seems that the calf was much older than the one depicted above.

It is my wish that the poachers and their financiers are strung up and 'de-horned' or castrated before being imprisoned. Read this shocking article ;


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