Bermuda triangle meets Tunguska in a South African game reserve!

The anomaly occurred on the 1st April 2017 at the Pilanesburg game reserve in South Africa. Nobody witnessed the materialization of the aircraft, a Dassault Mirage 111 in South African air-force camouflage, in perfect condition and positioned near a watering hole in the north western sector of the park. Locals in the area reported a sonic boom that emanated from the area followed by a strobe of light.

The static electricity in the area closely surrounding the aircraft is so intense it is almost palpable and seems to be attracting animals in the area.

A game ranger living nearby, Vinny (Windpomp) Visagie, mentioned that a stereo-set that was trashed many years ago mysterioulsy started blaring Jim Reeves songs for no apparent reason, upsetting his African grey parrot ... there are very strange things afoot in this neck of the woods I tell ya!

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